Friday, April 16, 2004

Nicknames. I can't help assigning people nicknames, or perhaps more appropriately, titles. For example, I can't help thinking fondly of someone called Sam as Samuel, or someone called Chris as Christopher, whether they are male or female. And I can't help thinking of someone called Michael as Mikey, or someone called Doug as Dougie. And my friends Emma and Adam from my old work will forever be known as Ansell and Volkmer.

Penny is actually the queen of nicknames. Over the years she has variously called me Melski-Moo, Smoo and Old Stinky (which I hated, understandably, so she changed it to Spinky). She started calling her now-ex-boyfriend Choc because of his liking for chocolate milk, and then other people started calling him that. For a while last year she was seeing another guy who had a limp because of a badly broken leg, and she took to calling him Stumpy. I liked to vary this by calling him The Stump-Meister or Stumpatronic.

Penny and I have a joint nickname which I like because it's evocative of the way our friendship works, plus it dates back to the bad old days of 1999, when we would tool about in a red Commodore that Penny was always bashing into things. She would say blithely "What are we going to do tonight, Mel?" and I would say all deadpan, "The same thing we do every night, Penny - try to take over the world!" So I call her Pinky and she calls me The Brain.

Anyway, I thought I would just list a few of my nicknames and titles and see if people can pick them out.

The Israeli Cocksucker
Fucking ____ _____
The Drunken Slapper
The Mang
Then Stood The Master
The Marrickville Maller
The Boy They Called ____
Jam-Master G

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