Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Has this idea been done before? I just thought of this while reading Virginia's post that Oscar Peterson had died, and she'd only listened to a CD of his last night... YOU KILLED OSCAR, VIRGINIA!

This stoopid joke made me think about a terrible scenario where if you listen to a CD featuring a living musician, you kill them. It would only be you. You'd have to restrict yourself to music made by people already dead. You'd be relieved when some rock star dies prematurely, because at last you can listen to his or her music.

But what if you accidentally discover and team up with someone like you: someone who can kill a musician by listening to their music? You'd tell them whose music you're into right now, and they'd bump them off accordingly. You'd argue over musical taste, because the person might not want to listen to the artists you love; alternatively, they might love the artist too much to kill them. And what if you are a depressed, rock-bottom, has-been musician and you discover the existence of these ear-assassins? Would your depression drive you to release the best album you ever recorded just to goad the assassins into listening to it and killing you - ironically enough, restoring your creative urge and will to live along the way?

It's like Chuck Palahniuk meets Nick Hornby. It would probably be a runaway bestseller. And whoever writes it STOLE THE IDEA FROM ME.

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