Friday, March 19, 2004

Band Names. It's been a hobby of mine to collect potential band names. Dan came up with one of my favourites EVER, which was Ape of Steel, a stadium-rock band (so hot right now!). He even did an impression of what it would be like at their concerts: "Hello Cleveland, we are Ape of Steel!" and then an enormous silver fibreglass gorilla would descend from the ceiling, arms groping for the audience amid laser lights and sparks, as if being forged in a foundry.

Some of my other band names are:

Wakarimasen: Japanese noise electronica band
The Crack Babies: punk band
Piss, Shit and Vomit: my beloved pop-funk bodily functions concept band

And today I just came up with another one: the Naked Flames. They would be a garage-electrodisco band fronted by a sexy girl with black satin hotpants and glossy pink lipstick (I am envisaging a Debbie Harry/Wendy James-type chick). Their songs would include "Fly My Pretties" and "Weekend at the Knees".

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