Friday, March 26, 2004

A good start to the day. Although I still haven't heard back from my final share house, which probably means I haven't got it, I'm feeling quite happy at the moment, largely cos I think I got my clothes right today. Yesterday I did not get my clothes right and I felt uncomfortable all day. I wore a tight baby-pink polo shirt with loose black pants, my pink studded belt and my baby-pink cut-down Dunlop Volleys. The shirt had an unfortunate crease across the waist from when I hung it on the line, and the belt kept slipping down in the front, which I tried to explain to Daniel and he laughed at me and said I sounded like instructions from Ikea.

Today, I'm wearing a kind of 80s Madonna look: my black "Collingwood Boxing Club" t-shirt, the hot pink ra-ra skirt and black punk belt I got tipsy-shopping last week, black 3/4 tights, black thongs, silver crucifix earrings. The glasses kind of upset the apple cart, but I forgot to wear contact lenses. What can you do?

There's heaps of shit to look forward to today. I'm looking forward to meeting Angela and discussing antiTHESIS, and then going to the EPC meeting and explaining that I've been paying for postgrad milk out of my own pocket because Tal the Israeli Cocksucker has been drinking it all. I'm looking forward to seeing Penny tonight, cos since she got together with Stuart I haven't seen her at all and I want to get her opinion on my current house-and-crush-related malaise. (She will probably just recommend a renewed attempt at the Ten Week Plan.) And then there's Emma's birthday party later on at Gemma and Renée's house. They're doing a kid's party theme, there'll be fairy bread and butterfly cakes - and lots of beer.

I went round there last night cos I was feeling sad and lonely and I knew Renée would be up for some alcohol. But she's on her teaching round and wasn't drinking, and I could only drink two stubbies by myself without feeling like a drunken loser. And I called up Emah, to whom I used to refer fondly as The Drunken Slapper, and she's on a health kick and isn't drinking! I felt like my world had turned upside down and I was the only one left on the planet who was prepared to get shitfaced mid-week. I even found myself looking enviously into the beer garden at the Great Northern at the people there. But I still have four beers at Renée's house so I don't have to buy any tonight. Yay!

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