Sunday, March 21, 2004

I am never drinking again. I have that kind of hangover where I'm dizzy and nauseous and headachey and immensely thirsty all at once. And now I'm at work and have to use my brain, when all I want to do is lie on my bed sucking Berocca from a long bendy straw, wistfully contemplating the boy I'm in love with, and listening to Tweet. She is my hangover vocalist of choice.

This happens to me every time there's a bathtub with beer - I can never remember how many I've had. I don't remember how many I had last night. Although I do remember yelling at the taxi driver for going the wrong way ("You're going north! I want to go south!") and then realising that he had been going the right way and I was too drunk to pick up local landmarks. The taxi driver had to recite the streets as we passed them in order to convince me. Very embarrassing, as this was Sydney Rd, Brunswick, just around the corner from where I lived for six years.

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