Saturday, March 20, 2004

I have a horrible confession to make. I was in Thresherman's this morning having breakfast and psyching myself up for another weekend of relentless share house interviews, and they were playing Kylie Minogue's Body Language, and I was digging it big time! This is a very shameful thing to confess, given that her song "Red-Blooded Woman" not only sucks royally, it blows the big one. But there are some other tracks on the album that sounded really good, and made me want to rush onto Lygon St in search of a record shop.

Can I also add that the food at Thresherman's is highly overrated. Every time I go there I choose something different that is merely a new and unwelcome surprise. Today I had a toasted ham, cheese and tomato sandwich, which was only saved from tasting horrible by the fact that it's nigh-on impossible to make a bad ham, cheese and tomato toastie. This curious fact has occurred to me more than once. McDonald's toasties are perhaps the worst you can buy, but even they're not inedible.

But the coffee at Thresherman's is quite good. My favourite little bro, Matt, for a while was obsessed with making an acidic-tasting smoothie which he called "rat drink". This is because when you try it you have to screw up your face and rapidly click your tongue against the roof of your mouth to rid it of the taste (i.e. you look like a rat). I have taken this on board to refer to any nasty-tasting drink, and especially bad coffee and red wine. I am pleased to report that, despite their total inability to make edible food, Thresherman's do not make rat coffee. It is eminently drinkable.

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