Wednesday, March 24, 2004

I laughed so hard. Today wasn't a very good day - more on that later - but at least work was good. I think Eric, my editor, sees me as the go-to girl for all articles trashy. Not that I'm denying this or complaining, but today my job was to write a story about celebrity websites. So I spent the day feeling like the worst kind of teenager, looking up sites from J.Lo to Ben Affleck, Madonna to Ian Thorpe, John Laws to Robbie Williams, Pauline Hanson to Guy Sebastian. This is reflected somewhat in today's Headtape.

But anyway, by the afternoon I was getting desperate, and I said to Sophie "Do you know any famous animals who'd have their own website?" Without blinking she said "Whiplash the Cowboy Monkey!" I started laughing uncontrollably and she said "Just do a Google search, you'll see!" So I did. Whiplash is a monkey who rides a dog and rounds up sheep. He reminds me a little bit of that pugnacious little fox in Labyrinth who rides on a sheepdog. Except with gold lamé chaps. Apparently you can get Whiplash t-shirts and stuff.

Oh, we were both laughing so hard I was starting to feel sick. The shots of Whiplash in action are perhaps the funniest. Hence the somewhat ungrammatical description on the website: "Although the agility and skill of his canine companion are unmatched, it is the unpredictable antics of this pint size primate, that keeps the onlookers in stitches."

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