Sunday, March 14, 2004

Pearls on men - so damn sexy! Now I've been into wearing pearls for years and firmly believe they're not just for nannas. I have seven strands of different-coloured pearls, plus heaps of pearl earrings. I used to have a pearl bracelet but I lost it last year on the night of Dave's birthday when I was really drunk. Today I'm wearing a black t-shirt that says "Collingwood Boxing Club"... and a pearl choker.

Recently I saw this photo spread in The Face featuring a model draped over Pharrell Williams wearing nothing but pearls. There was one shot where Pharrell is blowing a bubble of gum onto the model's nipple, and she has this kick-arse string of enormous pearls hanging between her breasts. Not only do I have a major, embarrassing crush on Pharrell (along with his equally banal, overexposed, omnipresent protegé, Justin Timberlake), but I had this incredibly erotic fantasy once where I'm shagging a guy wearing only a strand of pearls, and he tugs on the pearls and they break and cascade all over the bed.

But to get back to my original point, I think men should wear more pearls. People hang shit on Ian Thorpe for designing "pearl necklaces", and maybe it's just my unfortunate attraction to gay men, but I think he's got it going on. And at his party last Saturday, Ethan was wearing a string of pearls looped round his wrist as a bracelet. Even though he looked and was acting like a real arse, I thought the pearls were just such a good look and more men should do it.

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