Tuesday, March 23, 2004

What about us? A while ago, when I was at Extreme Karaoke (which is a whole nother story!), I was bitching to Leanne about how much I hated Shannon Noll's version of "What About Me?" because it was ridiculously faithful to the original. What I like in a cover song is interpretation, because as a singer I value someone's ability to make a song their own. I think Shannon totally fails at this. But anyway.

I proposed to Leanne a compilation album of different versions of "What About Me", similar to that album of versions of "Stairway to Heaven". It would be called What About Us?. Leanne said, "So who'd be on it?" and I said off the top of my head, "Cypress Hill!" Damn, I wish I could have recorded my impression of how that song would go, because it was fucking genius! It would have those patented Cypress Hill bouncing beats and turntable squeals, and that guy with the nasal voice would do the main verses: "Well thezza little boy waitin' at the counter of a corner shop," and when they got to the chorus, the other guy would echo him going "It isn't fair!"

I also did my Dolly Parton country version, and I would also have to do a Benny Benassi-style trance version with a pan-Euro accented female repeating "You just take more than you give" over banging beats and 303. Anyone with further suggestions is welcome to list them in the comment field.

ps: My six hellish years as a market research telephone interviewer have left me with an arcane vocab that nobody else understands, like DK, CB, resp, verbatim, hard refusal, comment field and push quota. I sometimes try to use them in normal life and I'm telling you, it's a total relief to find that "comment field," at least, has some relevance here.

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