Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Four of my crushes from 2001. I've been going through my old emails, and found this little nugget. Looking back, I'm somewhat embarrassed. NB: The one I got together with was Giles. We were so wrong for each other.

Kerry (29): Funny. Cynical. Workaholic. Graphic designer. Blue eyes. Wears little round glasses. Owns a workshirt labelled 'Jerry'. Lives in Little Collins St. Has a corner office. Thinks visually. Likes to dance to 70s funk music. Claims to be ambidextrous. Has broken nose four times. Drinks 14 coffees a day. Likes puns. Gets up 5:30am and jogs round city. Cuts own hair in front of TV. Smokes Marlboros.

Rohan (29): Fiendish. Talks big. Tufty thinning hair. Jewellery designer. Green eyes. Wears kilts dancing. Likes obscure 80s-90s dance music. Amphetamine freak: bought speed from bikie gang in Wantirna. Reminisces about great clubs and drug-addled benders in early 90s. Drinks 'Scottish breakfast' tea. Obscene showoff on the dance floor. Fascinated with guns. Obsessed with sexy women. Drives silver-green Barina, backseat crammed with junk. Lives in St Kilda.

Giles (28): Shy. Creates ambient electro music on analogue equipment. Works as market research interviewer. Grew up in Wagga Wagga. Blonde. Never wants to be married. Likes old-school hip hop and 80s indie (fav band Sigue Sigue Sputnik). Wears same pair of khaki New Balance sneakers every day. Has bad posture. Lives in grotty Nth Carlton share house. Wears Levis and layers of slogan t-shirts. Two pot screamer. Talks nervously.

Tom (21): Intelligent. Aimless. Six foot two. Has just deferred degree in public policy which he hates. Dark hair, green eyes. Chronic pot smoker. Lives with mother and two sisters in Surrey Hills. Fucked up by parents' messy divorce. Was fat: lost 20 kilos by smoking and not eating. Writes funny autobiographical short stories. Looks up to older guys as brother figures. Writes SMS messages with homie grammar. Always wears black. Nods sagely at whatever's said.

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