Friday, April 02, 2004

Missy, Missy, Missy. I don't often go to concerts but I think I'll really kick myself if I don't go to Missy. But nobody will go with me. I asked Ethan, thinking "He will surely go!" and he said "Nah, she's only got like two good songs." I felt like saying "Okay number one, there are heaps more than two good songs; number two, she'll have back-up dancers, several DJs and a billion-piece band; number three, Fatman Scoop; number four, J-Wess (including the American-accented "most noted Australian since Steve Irwin")!" But I really can't be bothered arguing with Ethan; it always ends with me feeling like some dumbarse bimbo with no cultural capital, whereas he's all 'authentic'. Even though unlike him, I know that Kelis doesn't rhyme with 'jealous'.

On the topic of musical cultural capital, recently I've been spotting Oliver from my old work about town. First I saw him at the Outskirts t-shirt launch, then I saw him at St Jerome's. When I used to talk to him at work, he'd go "Have you heard of ______?" and I would inevitably go "Uhhh, no." And I'm so excited that I can now keep up with him in discussions about music. The only thing is that music is like a treadmill, you constantly have to keep listening, keep reading, keep buying or downloading. Sometimes acquiring musical cultural capital seems like such a huge and unwieldy project that I get overwhelmed by it. Most of the time, though, I really enjoy the process, and as you may realise, I'm starting to get academically intrigued by the mechanics of that process.

Back to Missy. Maybe Gemma will go with me. But she always pikes on things.

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