Saturday, April 24, 2004

Murphy's Law of Wrap-Around Skirts. Winter is starting to arrive, and today I felt very superior wearing my white, fluffy-hooded parka for the first time. I've owned it for about two months but it's been too hot to wear it. Only problem is, I also decided to wear my temperamental wrap-around skirt, and as we all know, Murphy's Law of Wrap-Around Skirts dictates that no matter which direction you are walking in, the wind will always unwrap the skirt and reveal your underpants to the world. I always plan for this eventuality by wearing underpants with maximum arse-coverage (the skirt overlaps at the back). Today they are canary-yellow, the colour of a taxi.

Incidentally, I was finally reading Vernon God Little today, after owning the book for months, and I enjoyed the way the titular character was obsessed with women's underpants, in that fetishistic teenage way. It was heartbreaking the way that misunderstandings piled up and grotesque Americans were willing to gang up on and believe the worst of Vernon, who was perhaps the most honest and perceptive person in the book. It reminded me a little bit of The Outsider, except with a much happier ending.

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