Thursday, April 29, 2004

Music musings. Yesterday I was quite taken aback to find Nova playing Justin Timberlake's "(Oh No) What You Got", which as any reader of my Headtapes will know, is my favourite track off Justified. It was bizarre, like I could telepathically program the radio (how fucking awesome would that be!!!!), especially considering in the car on the way to work yesterday, they were playing the Eurogliders' "Heaven (Must Be There)" which also makes regular appearances on the Headtapes. Also, Thomas from Oh Manchester… has been doing his own version of the Headtapes recently. Very different to mine.

But back to Justin. Is he releasing yet another single from that album? If so, he's getting a wonderful work-to-profit ratio, cos it was out towards the end of 2002. I was listening to it again this morning, and another track I have started to like is the one with Janet Jackson, pre-wardrobe malfunction, with the Mills & Boon-esque title of "(And She Said) Take Me Now". Basically, Janet's involvement is limited to some whisperings not dissimilar to Princess Stephanie's whisperings on Michael Jackson's "In the Closet". Which just proves that Justin is shameless in ripping off Mikey J. Like "What You Got", it's a Timbaland track, and my favourite part is when the actual song structure breaks down and it sounds like a remix of itself.

Also, I've had a bad week, Headtape-wise. It seems terrible songs stick in there. I am so busy/lazy since I moved house that I haven't even unpacked my CDs yet, except for some that were in a plastic bag or in my car. So basically none of my own music has made it onto the Headtapes. I'm just grateful that terrible song by Eamon, "Fuck It I Don't Want You Back" hasn't made it. Now I don't care about the swearing, it's just that it's a boring, formulaic song, and Eamon has an irritating voice and a preference for one note that appears far more times than the word fuck.

It made me start wondering why, in these days of autotuners and Producer Kings, do really badly produced, out-of-tune songs make the charts? Like that supremely shitty gangster-moll song by Amanda Perez, "Angel". Jesus that was bad. Bad! Bad! You know it! Hoo! Video was just as bad. And that song by Lumidee, "Never Leave You (Uh Oh)", okay, I liked the beat enough and god help me I've danced to it enough, but am I the only person on earth who realised she can't sing? She has a terrible voice! She can't even hit the notes most of the time and her harmonies are all out of tune!

I need to go CD shopping and/or downloading again. Tell me what to get! So far I want Junior Senior, Scissor Sisters, the Black Album and Kanye West. But I think I'll just go to JB and see what they have. After all, theyyyy've done it again!

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