Saturday, April 03, 2004

Random observations over the last couple of days. If you blindfolded me, spun me around a few times, then led me into JB Hi-Fi, I would know instantly where I was. It's the smell.

One of my favourite spots on the female body is the little hollow just under the hipbone where the stomach joins the thigh. You can spot these on skinny girls wearing hipster clothing. Sadly I am too well-padded for this to be visible, but you can still feel the spot on me. I'm torn between wanting to lose weight until it shows, and being disgusted at myself for being sucked into a culture of normalising skinniness.

It's not a cliché - boys really don't know when a girl likes them. Last night I was telling Chris B that Saige sooo was cracking onto him, which is why I left 'em to it. And Chris looks intrigued and goes "Really?" He'd put her behaviour down to her being drunk and his being sober. Normally I don't like to subscribe to theories of gendered brain activity (like "women have poor spatial abilities which is why they can't read maps and park cars", "men are single-focused which is why they're bad at multi-tasking"), but I've never seen the following axiom fail yet: Boys think they're being really subtle when they're actually being really obvious; girls think they're being really obvious when they're actually being really subtle.

"Yeah" by Usher et al is a fabulous car-cruising song. I've heard a few hoons going past with it blasting, and all you can hear is Boom! - yeah! - Boom-boom! - yeah! You get the attention-grabbing bass, and you can identify it even though the car's gone in the next second. Genius.

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