Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Arrrggh, me hearties! Those who know me shake their heads wryly at my pirate tendencies, including being a member of a shanty choir, advocating pirate chic, and my plan to turn Australia into the world's biggest Treasure Island. See, we could install a satellite blocker that would erase Australia from all known maps, making it secret, and our prime minister would become the Cap'n, the Treasurer would become the First Mate, and other cabinet positions would be replaced by Bosun, Cabin Boy, etc etc. Our economy would be driven by raiding other countries' ships, and also by mass-producing dodgy copied CDs, videos and DVDs. Our official language would be Pirate ("Arrggh, who be this scurvy wench?") and our currency would be the doubloon or piece of eight. Our judicial system would be replaced with marooning and walking the plank. Our new national anthem would be the Sailor's Hornpipe.

But anyway, judging from this link it seems we've been talking pirate all along!

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