Wednesday, May 26, 2004

My simultaneously cool and lame dream. I was at a Britney Spears concert, and it was as though I were simultaneously in the audience and onstage with Britney: I could see her, the dancers, stage technicians and musicians close up, but I was also enjoying the show. I knew it was a dream because while Britney was doing a particularly long costume change, they invited audience members up on the stage for a dancing contest! It was like something out of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

I didn't actually participate in the dancing contest, but Gemma did. Then, for some reason, Renee dragged me and Gemma over the side of the stage and said, "Hey, let's perform that song we made up before!"
I said, "What the fuck are you talking about? What song?"
She replied impatiently, "You know! Our band! I okayed it with Britney's stage manager and everything?"

Now I thought about it, I could recall dimly what Renee was talking about. I reasoned I must have been pissed when we made up the song. But I still had no idea how it went, so when Renee handed me a microphone, I just started randomly rapping "Yo, we wrote a song before, but I can't remember the words anymore," etc etc, and when that failed me, I resorted to those stock phrases like "Clap your hands everybody! Everybody clap your hands!" and "How do we know? Because the crowd went: HOHHHH!"

And the sad part was that the crowd was loving it, and clapping their hands and stuff, and when I woke up at that point, I thought to myself, "What an awesome dream that was!"

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