Sunday, May 02, 2004

Of CDs and concerts. Fuelled by a Friday evening that consisted largely of sitting on the CD-strewn floor of Gemma's bedroom while she played me various things and explained why she liked them (including the disconcerting revelation that Britney's "Outrageous" cites A Tribe Called Quest's "Award Tour"), I went to JB Hi-Fi today. Hey, I just thought of a great new idea to expand their business: they could have a late-night fish'n'chip shop where you could listen to music while you waited for your order: they could call it JB Hi-Fri!!!! But anyway. I have this dogmatic idea that you always find good bargains there. Like, once I found Madonna's first album and Salt'n'Pepa's greatest hits for $5 each, and more recently, I bought Tweet's Southern Hummingbird for $4. Irritatingly, I discovered that some CDs I bought only recently are now ridiculously reduced.

I bought four CDs: INXS, Scissor Sisters, Junior Senior and Twista. I felt vaguely sickened by having spent over $80 on CDs, but truth be told, I would have bought more. I wanted to buy Kanye West's College Dropout, Har Mar Superstar, and Jay-Z's MTV Unplugged, but they didn't have them. I have this problem a lot at JB. A while ago I had to request they get in Dizzee Rascal's Boy In Da Corner, and today I noticed they had a new "Dizzie Rascal" divider in their "Hip Hop/Dance" section with three copies of the CD in it. I think that for 'urban' (wot u call it?) music, HMV has a much better range.

Now onto the concerts. As predicted, Gemma and I are starting to wish we'd got tickets for Missy Elliott, especially now Blu Cantrell has been added to the carnivalesque line-up. It seems tickets are still available (i.e. no guides are listing it as "sold out") so I could still go. And I'm really bummed about how expensive Juzzy T is, otherwise I'd go to that. And now Gemma and I are agonising over whether to go to N.E.R.D. I said "If you had to choose between Missy Elliott and N.E.R.D., who would you pick?" She said "An arena spectacular with Missy Elliott and N.E.R.D. with Justin Timberlake guesting."

And also, heaps of my friends are planning to go to the 5, 6, 7, 8s on Wednesday, and they're saying "You should come!" but I can't figure out how a shitty venue like Ding Dong will fit everyone who wants to go to this gig. I haven't heard their stuff but I like the principle of disco-punk meets Motown girl groups. I'm generally mystified by the way "disco-punk" and/or "electroclash" (can someone please explain the difference to me?) seem to have engulfed the music scene, and the way rock clubs have become trendier among the Vice crowd (who, you understand, consider themselves the arbiters of all that is cool in this village) than normal DJ clubs, especially the hateful Ding Dong Lounge.

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