Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Random good moments from last weekend. On Friday night I went to the Ghetto Fabulous 1920s-themed first birthday party. I wore a black ruched top with a deep V-neck, my black accordion-pleat miniskirt, black thigh-high stay-up fishnet stockings, my black patent T-bar louis-heeled shoes, shitloads of pink pearls, red lipstick and a pink feather boa. And I curled my hair and had it in this twisted-up 1920s style.

Anyway, Leanne said I was looking H-O-T-T. I asked if I was D-I-R-R-T-Y, but didn't get a satisfactory answer. Anyway, everyone had made a real effort with their gangster outfits, but the booty music was disappointing, although they did play "Here We Go Let's Rock'n'Roll", C&C Music Factory's second single. Also they played "My Neck, My Back" by Khia, which I'd wanted to put on my Emergency Party Jams compilation but didn't in case people thought I was (even more) perverted.

The next night, a bunch of us went to Martin's 30th. It was a gruelling trip Southside from North Carlton to St Kilda, like a descent into hell past Colonial Stadium and the obsceno, with football bogans bashing on the side of the tram. The party was at this apartment building on the Esplanade, two doors down from where they shot Secret Life of Us. There was a ludicrous moment when a bunch of us were sitting on the rooftop terrace maudlinly singing the Secret Life theme song. Some guy called Tim also mocked me all night for claiming to be able to moonwalk and then not actually being able to do it. And none of my friends would defend me. This perplexed me because I'm sure my moonwalking abilities were at least average.

But my favourite moment of the whole evening was when I did an impression of Lil Jon that caused Gemma to nearly spray us all with a mouthful of vodka and Pepsi Max.

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