Friday, May 28, 2004

This movie is bound to be shit, but... Nobody will believe me because nobody believed there was actually a movie called The Hebrew Hammer, so here's the proof - there's this new, incredibly crappy film called Soul Plane. Basically, the plot is that there's a black airline. Snoop Dogg is the pilot and the air hostesses are booty hos - their safety demonstration is sung to the tune of "Survivor" by Destiny's Child. And the plane gets bathed in that blue fluorescent light and turns into a dancefloor. Tom Arnold plays the token whitey, and there are assorted cameos by assorted rappers etc.

It has been described as "the black version of Airplane! [known to us Australians as Flying High]." But one of the comments on IMDB was "Makes Booty Call look like Citizen Kane", which is probably closer to the truth. Gemma was saying it probably won't make a cinema release in Australia, but I reckon if it does it'll come to Greater Union (the crappiest cinema in Melbourne - my housemate Lorelei used to work there and has gross evidence to back up this claim!). And if it does, I'm probably go. Cos I'm sad like that.

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