Friday, May 07, 2004

We are cultural studies stars! Gemma has just been looking at the new website of the Cultural Studies Association of Australia, and we were shocked to discover that they were taking photos at last year's conference in Christchurch, and that they've randomly put them on the website.

There is an hilarious one of Will looking distinctly unimpressed. Also visible on the left in the same photo is this NZ guy who's now in my department and is quite cool. I should know his name and I don't, but his work is about Lara Croft porn. And sitting next to Will looking quite pensive is Gemma. She begged me not to refer to her in my blog because she thinks she looks bad. But she would look good if only that grey-haired lady would move her head.

Now for my moment of fame! I am visible in this photo of one of the larger sessions. I am behind the left shoulder of the woman in the orange, wearing a purple singlet. I don't look as bored as I was in this session, and in a triumph of photography, I only have one chin. Sitting to my left are some of the Sydney Massive: Mel, Shane and Will.

Later that day was my favourite part of the conference, when me, Gemma and the Sydney Massive drank 2L bottles of beer in the park like teenagers before going to the conference party. After a while my eyeballs started to hurt from my contact lenses, and Gemma insisted on walking me back to the hostel to get my glasses, even though she was at least as pissed as me - it was the blind leading the blind! She insisted on turning on the music video channel on the TV in our room, and that song "When I Get You Alone" by Thicke was playing, and we danced and sang along drunkenly, even though we didn't know any of the words:

Because you walk pretty, cos you talk pretty,
Cos you make me sick, and I'm not leaving til you're leaving
And you something something something something something something
Do you want me to something?
Do you want me to something?
On my house, on my car, on my boots, my shoes, my something
I just something, when I get you alone
When I get you something
When I get you alone, when I get you alone, yeah!

And then on our way back to the party we started an a capella version of Justin Timberlake's "Rock Your Body". Gemma was doing the beatbox non-verbal vocalisations from the bridge, and I was squeaking "Don't be so quick to - walk away!" When we got back, people looked at us funny. It was the best night!!!

So there you go. In Gemma's words, "I'm just glad they weren't taking photos at the party!"

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