Thursday, June 03, 2004

Another concert-themed dream. Perhaps because both the Hez and The Age said how shithouse the Missy Elliott concert was, I dreamed about it last night. I dreamed it was Missy's Perth concert. Like my previous Britney Spears dream, I was actually onstage talking to Missy. The weirdest part was that I was thinking to myself "She looks different in person than in pictures," and then I realised the reason was that her eyes were blue!! Then I looked closer and noticed she had freckles on her face and red hair!! In other words, Missy was white!!!

After this shocking, mink-blowing revelation, I went into the audience, where I realised that there were only about fifty people there! Missy was playing to an almost empty entertainment complex. I realised that there were enormous crowds of people outside the gates, but mean security guards wouldn't let them in. I said, "Hey, let those people in!" They finally came pouring in, but still, the concert was shit.

In other concert news, Kelis is coming to Melbourne! She will be playing at the Metro - I'm so excited! I can't let this one slip between my fingers, Justin Timberlake-style!

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