Thursday, June 10, 2004

David Beckham for beginners. Diligent readers of this blog may recall the guy who asked me out, and how I said, "In a word, no." Let's call him Mr KB. Well in the best footballing tradition, he never took "no" for an answer (go on, strike me down!!). In fact, for a month or so now, he's been sending me text messages.

The first one I thought was a mistake. It said: Hawthorn are shit and it breaks my heart and I blame you entirely. Damn you! I thought it was some distraught footy fan who'd got the number wrong, but I thought I'd have a bit of fun, so I texted back, Hawthorn have been shit since the late 80s. By the way, who is this? He replied, Someone with a broken heart. You of all people should know everything has been shit since 1992. Viva Vanilla Ice!

Anyway, after that I put Mr KB's number in my phone because I had an inkling this wasn't the last SMS I'd receive from him. I think he sends them when he's pissed, cos they always arrive late at night. The most recent one was last night. It said, I have had many beers tonight, but I shall dedicate the next one to your beauty and charisma Melissa.

I never reply. He knows I'm not interested, and I don't want to encourage him. And I'm not sure why I find Mr KB so unappealing: after all, he had "Ice Ice Baby" on cassingle, and I have Snow's "Informer" on cassingle, along with "All For Love" by Color Me Badd! I have about three main crushes at the moment, but this isn't the blog for that kind of stuff. Suffice to say that if any of them were to send me these messages, I would be all overcome. But if Mr KB keeps sending them, I'll post them here as an occasional series.

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