Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I'm in the finals of Extreme Karaoke! Way back in the Dark Days before Guy lured me into blogging, I went to the Laundry with Emah, Tash and Leanne for Extreme Karaoke. Now I don't generally like this as much as my favourite ever karaoke venue, Charlton's, because I prefer to sing trashy current pop/R&B songs or 80s classics, and the Extreme Karaoke repertoire runs more to early-90s indie guitar bands and nouveau garage rock.

But anyway. I decided to take them up on their guitar-centric nonsense and sing "Livin' On A Prayer". If I do say so, it was a masterful performance. I realised as the intro started to play that the song was out of my vocal range, so I started the first verse, "Tommy used to work on the docks..." in a low growling voice, giving way to an Axl Rose shriek by the second verse, "Tommy's got his six-string in hock...", all with liberal fist-shaking.

Later that night, I also performed a bravura version of Kris Kross' "Jump", complete with "Cos I'm the miggida-miggida-miggida-miggida-mack daddy!" bridge section.

Anyway, I had totally forgotten about all this when I received an email this morning saying I was in the semi-finals. I could win my height in Vodka Cruisers and the glory of being crowned Queen of Karaoke! There are also 4 judges: Katie Underwood, Igor from Big Brother, Kellie Sutherland from Architecture in Helsinki (also from Your Wedding Night), and
the guy who owns Vodka Cruiser.

But ultimately they judge the winner by the amount of applause he/she receives. So any of you who live in Melbourne MUST COME ALONG!!! And tell all your friends! My semi-final will be on Wednesday 7 July. The grand final is on Wednesday 21 July. As those body-builders say, in the final arena there will be no judges, only witnesses to my greatness!

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