Friday, June 04, 2004

Mel tackles the big issues. Today as I walked to uni I was musing about the Men At Work song, "Down Under." In an aside, I always thought one of the choruses went "Where women blow and men chunder," which seemed to me like an accurate summary of Australian nightlife. But anyway.

I was thinking about the line:

I said to the man are you trying to tempt me
Because I come from a land of plenty

I was wondering, is the singer saying: "Is it because I come from a land of plenty that you are trying to tempt me?" Or is the line more like: "If you're trying to tempt me it won't work buddy, cos I come from a land of plenty"?

In another 'big issue' matter, I just ate an apple and I was so relieved that it was a good apple. It is such a fucking disappointment when you're looking forward to eating your apple and it tastes all floury and gross and you have to throw it away. It puts your day on an uneven keel. But this apple really hit the spot. It was cold, for a start: I really like biting into a cold apple. And it was crisp and sweet without being cloying, although I like slightly tart apples as well.

Only Granny Smith will do of the commercially available apples, although at my family's holiday hovel (now demolished, thanks to my indefatigable baby-boomer parents) we had a mini-orchard (like, six or seven apple trees and a pear tree) and the apples that came from those trees were just delicious. I think they're some old-school variety like Cox's Orange Pippins (did anyone else enjoy Danny, the Champion of the World as much as me?).

Anyway, that's me. Tackling the big issues.

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