Sunday, July 11, 2004

Fat & Hairy Watch. Since my mother just won't stop going on about my having fat and hairy disease, I thought I'd make a semi-regular feature of her latest rantings. Today, she informs me that "I've done some more internet research on that condition, and I think that doctor you went to was wrong." Okay, I realise that it's wise to be sceptical of doctors and to seek a second opinion if you think there's something suss about their diagnosis, but my mother has turned my having this disease into something of a personal crusade.

Apparently my doctor, despite having gone through medical school, can't diagnose fat and hairy disease properly, whereas my mother can diagnose it infallibly, merely by Googling the testimony of fat and hairy Americans ("mah doctor told me it was nothin' to worry about, and then ah got really fat and hairy and they realised ah actually had fat and hairy disease. Oh ma lawd don't let it happen to yo daughter.")

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