Sunday, July 18, 2004

Kelis wins. I have decided to go to the Kelis concert instead of competing in the karaoke grand final. I have been telling people this and they've been all, "Ohhh, I was going to get all my friends to go! We were really looking forward to it!" Oh well. I can do karaoke anytime.
On a related note, I went to Charlton's (Melbourne's pre-mere karaoke venue) on Friday night and began to get worked up into some Dionysian frenzy as they were playing all the homie hits as usual, and they have got heaps more up-to-date with their selections than they were the last time I was there. I was just paralysed for choice of what to sing, but I decided to do "She's Got That Vibe" by R Kelly and Public Announcement, just because I always longed to do it but they never had it before.
I had been out with Chris and his friends, except we went to a lame party full of architects. I tried to talk to them, I really did, but I'm so bad at going up and meeting new people. I got talking to two guys who looked approachable (opening line: "So, are you guys architects?" I was crushed when one countered: "Are you a journalist?" I was like, "How did you know?"). But I fucked up that conversation when one said, "What do you think the collective noun for architects is?" and I said, "How about a 'skivvy of architects'?"
Anyway, so me and Chris' friend Ricky (who, coincidentally, was the techie at VCA for the conference I went to this last week, and who, uncoincidentally, is totally hot, but taken, doh!) escaped and went to Charlton's. But Charlton's has now got a really hard-arsed door policy, which seems crazy to me because the whole POINT of going to Charlton's is that it's full of no-good drunks. Who do they think they are, Honkytonks? But anyway. The dude tried to stop Ricky going in by saying "How much have you had to drink tonight?" Ricky totally lied and said "About three or four pots" and then they said suspiciously, "How many of you are there?" and we said, "Um, two." So they let us up.
Then Ricky realised he had no money for alcohol and cigarettes, so he went downstairs to an ATM and when he came back, they wouldn't let him in at all. He said, "But I've got a song requested, and my friend is still up there." They said, "Go up and get your friend and then come back down." When he related this story to me I was like, "That's bullshit!" But he said, "I can't feel comfortable thinking they're gonna come up here and bash me." I thought they would hardly do that, but anyway, we had to go back to the lame architect party with our tails between our legs!
I am really worried about the state of karaoke in this city. On Saturday my other friend Chris has invited me to a Japanese-themed night of dining and karaoke. I'm not sure I'll go, though I'd like to catch up with Chris.

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