Sunday, July 11, 2004

Mel's Choice. Okay, I have been hiding under a rock for the last week. Writing songs for and rehearsing my Fringe show. Trying to write a paper for a musicology conference that started today, and instead spending hours examining before and after photos of celebrity plastic surgery. Trying to find a new housemate and build up new transparent trusting relationship with real estate agent. (Like, I actually called up the agent and said "As you know, we're getting in a new housemate and one girl has a cat. Is it OK to have a cat?" My workmates were aghast.) Trying to get broadband internet connected to my house. Trying to schedule blood tests and dentist visits.

So, none of this involved reading the street press or listening to the radio, otherwise I would have realised that the Kelis concert has been postponed to July 21st. Instead, me and Gemma showed up at the venue last night in our best finery, after exchanging text messages like "Missed my tram. will get along with you in 10 min." "OK just don't get caught out there." "I would be such a nerd to miss Kelis." And then we found out.

And do you know why it was postponed? Dumb old Missy Elliott! That's right - the woman who extorted $120 from Australian audiences for a crap show has, ironically enough, cancelled her "Hip Hop Don't Stop" European tour, meaning Kelis's touring schedule has been thrown out.

This wouldn't be much of a hardship, except that the rescheduled concert is on the same night as my karaoke grand final!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What am I going to do? I love Kelis! I've been looking forward to this concert for so long! Yet, I also love karaoke! And I could win my height in crappy teen girl drinks! There is no way I could go to both: karaoke starts about 9pm, and last Wednesday it went til about 1am. And Kelis starts at 8pm and the lady herself should probably get onstage around 10pm.

Some wags have suggested I go to karaoke and do "Milkshake". Opinion has tended to be that Kelis will come and go, but karaoke is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I tend to think otherwise: that I can do karaoke and drink dumb old girly drinks any old time, but how many times will Kelis tour?

Ohhh, whatever shall I do???

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