Friday, August 27, 2004

How about an experiment? A while ago at Petrol in the Car, Guy was conducting an experiment to see what people thought about just before they fell asleep, making coffee, sitting on public transport. And here's what I was thinking last night before I fell asleep:

Who has been writing me anonymous nasty comments on this blog? It has to be someone who lives in Melbourne. It might be someone who knows me in real life, because they have a real problem with me "slagging off my friends". Who could it be? Why don't they just tell me to my face, or write me an email? But maybe they don't know me, otherwise they'd know that how I write on this blog is exactly how I talk. They'd know that I say what I think, and that many of my sentences begin with "Do you know what gives me the shits?"

Really, I didn't know people could be more critical of me than I am of myself. So the first thing I thought when I read "Anonymous"s comments was: "Oh it's true! I'm a terrible person!" But then I started to think how silly it was that I was worried what some faceless commenter on the internet thinks of me, and how people have told me that the reason they like this blog is precisely because it's gossipy.

So to settle this matter, I've decided to conduct an experiment of my own. For two weeks, starting today, I'm not going to mention anyone I know on this blog. Celebrities and other public figures are different - they're fair game. After this period, I'd like to get your feedback (that's right, Anonymous, I welcome your feedback!) and if you think A Wild Young Under-Whimsy is better without me mentioning anyone I know, I'll keep it that way.

Love and sunshine and fluffy kittens,

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