Thursday, August 26, 2004

Random musings. I wonder if chicken schnitzel has anything to do with chicken whatsoever. Maybe they just get some cellulose, mix it with mechanically reclaimed chicken to give it a "chickeny" flavour, then cover it with breadcrumbs and fry the shit out of it so nobody will tell. But I don't care - chicken schnitzel rolls with avocado, tomato and cheese (but no butter or mayo) are the closest I get to 'eating healthy'. Except perhaps for ricepaper rolls. I had a mania for those a few weeks ago. So cheap! So available! So filling! So tasty! So easy to pretend they're healthy!

Also, yesterday I was musing that you could probably successfully sell a brand of bottled water called Melbourne Tap. You could sell it super-cheap, for say 50c a bottle, because all you'd need would be a tap and some plastic bottles. And then people would fill them up themselves. If the label was cool enough, I reckon you could sell enough from sheer novelty value to at least cover the cost of this silly prank.

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