Friday, August 20, 2004

Thenks fow a laff, spemmers! I just got the most hilarious spam in my uni account. It's apparently a trick to get past email screening software that looks for keywords, but what they didn't seem to take into account is that it would be a) nigh-incomprehensible; b) dashed hilarious!

The subject line is: "Naed the chiipast mads on wab? We gut them! airmail". It then continues:

Hi and welcome to our phaarmecy! One of the things we offer to you, as a selected costomer, is a big variety, combined with good prjces. All the medjcatjons you need with cheep prjcees ! We got all original brands and geneeric: vjagra, cjaljs, lavjtra, xanaax, valioom and a lot more!

Ha hah ha hahahaha! Ha! ha! My favourite is "valioom", or perhaps the cheery assertion that "we gut them!"

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