Wednesday, August 11, 2004

What if Jacques Derrida sees this? Just read something in The Australian about a film on Heidegger called The Ister. These two filmmakers, Daniel Ross and David Barison, used to sit around in Mario's in Fitzroy drinking coffee, and conversation turned to Daniel's PhD thesis about Martin Heidegger (which is available in the Monash Uni library). According to the paper, Ross "was interested in making a film that might become part of a philosophical discourse rather than a mere commentary about a particular person's ideas." So they made this movie, which apparently has taken the festival circuit by storm.

But my favourite part is that in the back of Ross' mind was the worrying thought: "What if Jacques Derrida sees this?" And I thought how debilitating it would be to go through life worrying about what Derrida would think of this or that. It's almost an idea for a film in itself. We were laughing about this at work because one of the guys, Mike, is obsessed with some philosopher and constantly wants to insert mentions of him into his articles. We thought the philosopher in question was Heidegger, but then Jane remembered it's actually Kierkegaard.

Oh no, what if Derrida does a vanity Google and reads this blog? I would, like, be sooo embarrassed.

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