Sunday, September 26, 2004

Guys and their hair. I have been thinking for a while how much I like observing boys' hair. I like it how proud they are of it and they don't like it when you ruffle it. And sometimes they forget to put hair product in the back, flagrantly disobeying the Fab Five's instructions to "tzuzj from the back". I also like it when they don't wear hair product at all. And can I just say that in my opinion, guys always look better with short hair than with long hair.

Some random guys I know and their hair:

A: Often lets me play with his hair and gets an expression on his face like a stroked cat. But lately he has been surly when I do it, perhaps because: a) he thinks I'm patronising him, which I'm not, I just love the texture of his hair; b) other girls will think I'm his girlfriend and will not go for him.

B: Has very fine, silky hair. Gets it cut really short and it feels like animal fur.

C: Was really hot when he had a shaved head. Now has a whitey 'fro. Not good.

D: Says "My hair has more days off than I do." Used to use a hair product that was pink and smelled like bubblegum. I still associate that smell with him.

E: Has a wonderful quiff.

F: Looks hot with hair pushed off forehead and not so hot with hair flat. But wears too much product, thus negating urge to run fingers through his hair.

G: Had really great hair. Then he shaved his head and looked like he'd been sent to military school. The one exception to my general "shaved heads are really hot" rule.

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