Friday, September 24, 2004

Musings in the Urban section of HMV. I never used to go to HMV, I was a JB Hi-Fi or at a pinch, Sanity, person. But Gemma's got me into it, and now I go in occasionally to see what crazy tunes the kids of today are listening to. Today I noticed the new Dizzee Rascal CD, Showtime, is in. I already have a copy of this, given to me by Chris and downloaded in an entirely 'legal' manner of course. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet because of the Melk madness but it's now loaded in my car.

Despite the tits-flashing low of his recent Melbourne gig, I like Dizzee Rascal. Not as the wunderkind mouthpiece of the London street as he is often made out to be; I envisage him as a slightly crazed animal that can't decide if it wants to bite you or rub up against your leg. His voice always seems highly strung, like he's about to crack, yet there's also something cold and unemotional to it. Maybe the production just influences the way I think about his voice. But anyway. I got that album already. Yee-ha.

Shane has already talked about Nelly's new albums. (To my mild dismay, a certain intellectual poseur and darling of the Cinema Studies department has commented on the post.) Gemma has also been very excited about them - last Saturday she told me about the "Flap Your Wings" video and then on Wednesday she played me the song. The first thing I said was "Is this a Neptunes production?" Course it is. You can tell from the chord progression on the electric organ, from the whispery phone-sex vocal samples and the slightly 'ethnic' syncopated percussion. It's good to see the Neptunes getting back to what they do best after the disappointing Fly or Die which was pretty much just a Seventies-influenced rock record - it reminded me of Chicago circa "Saturday in the Park" in parts.

So anyway, I was quite excited actually to see Suit and Sweat in HMV but was very disappointed that they're actually two separate albums that you have to shell out twice the money for. I had the idea it would be a Speakerboxxx/Love Below type deal - you'd get the two discs for the slightly inflated price of one. Jesus, now I have to buy both. Or maybe I could 'legally' download 'em.

But I had to leave the store in a hurry when I realised what a tool I looked like - you see, today I am wearing a large letterbox number 5 around my neck on a gold chain. It's all about context - tacky bling just looks dumb when browsing in the urban section of a record store.

Only tangentially related, but Gemma suggested that The Incredible Melk should perform on Channel 31's Chartbusting 80s show. She said "What 80s song would you do?"
I said "Push It."
She started laughing and said "Last night I was saying 'I bet Mel would choose 'Push It'."
I am so predictable.

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