Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Triple J is coming to my show tomorrow night. So if you were considering going, and were wondering "Gee, what night(s) will I do it?" then do it tomorrow. You also get the preview price of $10.

If this blog has become consumed by matters of my show, that's because I, too, have become consumed by my show. There's no point doing Headtapes at the moment because they would all be Incredible Melk songs, except for Joe's "Ride With You" which I just can't get out of my head, particularly the lush bridge section "I wanna let you know/That ooh you're so beautiful...".

Just one last thing - on the topic of hot sales assistants, you should check out the spruiker out the front of the Better Book Shop on Bourke St. He's this American skater dude who is somehow stationed outside the shop with a mic extolling the virtues of el cheapo books. He's not conventionally hot but I like his dignity in the face of the situation in which he finds himself. Also, his wit: when I went past today he was saying, "And if you come in here you won't find any literary studies snobs like you'd find at Borders..." I raised my fist and went "Yeaaahhhh!" and he looked puzzled, which is the reaction many men have to me.

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