Thursday, October 28, 2004

Mel rocks out. On Tuesday night I went to my old haunt, Kitten Club, to film a skit for the SBS comedy show In Siberia Tonight. The idea behind the skit is that Lawrence Leung has decided to form a band in 7 days, and we were the rent-a-crowd who discover that they are miming, Ashlee Simpson-style. I know Lawrence through Linda, who directed my show.

Also, the lead guitarist of the 'band' was Andy McClelland, who I know through the shanty choir; although Jeremy reckons he was in the shanty choir before me, having gone to the "pre-inaugural" rehearsal. But did Jeremy dress up like a pirate and embarrass himself in front of a live audience? No, he did not.

Anyway, I was wearing about the rockest outfit I could cobble together. Jesus it's not my scene. I had my black "Collingwood Boxing Club" t-shirt, jeans with a ludicrously irrelevant chain hanging from the belt loops, my black studded leather belt, purple Converse sneakers and of course, my black wristband for maximum fist-shakage.

If you watch the episode on Thursday 4 November on SBS at 10pm, you may be able to catch me jumping up and down behind the guy holding a sign that has the lyrics written on it. They had to have him stand right in front of me, didn't they?

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