Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The question on everyone's lips. I've just been checking what people have been searching for to find this blog. Nestled among the usual sort of fodder like Sportsgirl musings, choreography nelly flap your wings video and pink and grey nikes are the following search terms:

christopher reeve bald (Google)
"Christopher Reeve" Bald (Google)
reeve bald (Google)
why was christopher reeve bald (Google)
chris reeve bald (Google)
why christopher reeve bald (Google)
Christopher Reeve bald (Google)
"christopher reeve bald" (Google)
chris reeve bald why (Google)
shaved head bald christopher reeve picture (Google)

And the answer, dear Googlers? I don't know. Why, not even the normally hilarious Jason Mulgrew can bear to bring his wit to this topic.

Although I will add a little vignette that Ben and I dreamed up between us on Monday. Ben suggested that, in line with our vision that he was the next Blofeld, Christopher Reeve should've had a white cat on his lap.
"But he couldn't stroke it!" I said.
"He could have a robotic stroking arm," said Ben.
"But what if it went haywire and started bitch-slapping him or something?" I replied. "And what could he do if the cat got pissed off and decided to attack him? Nothin'!"

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