Saturday, November 13, 2004

The Mulgrew Affair. I was just reading one of my favourite blogs, Everything Is Wrong With Me, and noticed that the shit has hit the fan for our John Belushi-esque internet quasi-celebrity. For anyone who has never visited this blog, please do because it will make you laugh out loud repeatedly.

You should also visit this blog because it might not be there much longer. Jason writes it from his porn-infested work computer, which has just given up the ghost thanks to a spyware program that hyperlinks random words in all programs. I thought I would die laughing because one of these words is "anal", which is terrible news because Jason works for a New York legal firm as an analyst, analysing things.

But now Jason has had to call in the IT people at his work, which basically means his arse is getting fired. To me it sounds like the denouement of a comedy movie. I just imagine his boss reading about how he spends large slabs of his work day on the phone to his friends discussing how much he'd like to fingerbang some chick.

This is all by the by. I was just checking my blog stats and someone has found this blog by googling "Jason Mulgrew". The IP address is a certain New York legal firm. I wonder who it could have been?

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