Friday, November 05, 2004

Not feeling particularly tip-top today. Ethan is going overseas again, which makes me sad but yet I can't wait to hear of his escapades. Because Ethan can't seem to avoid escapades, and his emails from overseas are much, much more amusing than your standard "and then I went here and it was [adjective]" travel group-emails.

I was thinking depressively about the US election some more. It makes me angry that I even care, considering that nothing much is going to change in my life after this election, and that our election result was just as big a shambles. But anyway, I was thinking about how the US really has the potential to turn into the religious dictatorship described by Margaret Atwood in The Handmaid's Tale. But then I just found this, courtesy of Jason Mulgrew, which makes the same point, but makes me feel lots better. God that man cracks me up. Like his review of "Raspberry Beret" by Prince:
Yeah, I know, everyone knows this song. But seriously, this has got to be, what, one of the top seven or eight songs of all-time? Do you think Prince wrote this and said to himself, "Oh yeah - I'm pretty fucking awesome. Now I'm going to spend the rest of my life being androgynous and really fucking weird."
But anyway. Ethan is going away, and he had drinks last night. We started off at St Jerome's, which I am realising I no longer like very much because it's so crowded with racing dufuses and people who've read about it in such diverse yet equally toolish publications as Vice and the Herald Sun. I also had to avoid Creepy, the guy I snogged about a month ago at the Fringe awards party. Then we followed that crappy tradition of milling around to various other venues which were closed, before we went to Troika and drank some more.

Then we went to Cherry. I had worn my Chuck Taylors and foolish irrelevant belt chain especially for the purpose of fitting in with the rock trendoids who frequent Cherry, but there must have been some hot gig at Pony or Ding Dong featuring some electroclash chick with a blunt fringe hanging in her eyes, because the place was pretty empty.

Still, I managed to drink a lot of alcohol. Not even Coke could improve my hangover today.

In other news, Ethan bought Tash such an utterly kick-arse birthday present that I'm fucking spewing. I laughed in delight when I saw it. I haven't laughed so hard since Monday, when I first heard about Prince Gavyn of Throneworld, one of the most foolish superheroes ever, in my opinion:
Gavyn was the Prince of the planet Kranaltine, the Throneworld of the Crown Imperial. Upon the death of Emperor Rilsom XVIII, Gavyn's sister Clryssa betrayed him to get to the throne herself, and left him in space to die. A being named M'ntorr saved Gavyn and taught him to use the cosmic powers he had been gifted with. Eventually, Gavyn overthrew his sister's rogue government, and ascended the throne together with his Lady Merria. Gavyn eventually sacrificed his life in the great Crisis. However, there have been theories that his life essence traveled through space and "possessed" the dead body of an Earthman named Will Payton, who became Starman V. Recently Payton (as Gavyn), Starmen III and VII, and other heroes overthrew the new Throneworld government, led by rogue security officer Jediah Rikane. Although Will Payton is still not completely sure that he really is Prince Gavyn, he has agreed to stay on Throneworld with Lady Merria and rule the empire for the time being.


Gavin is Ethan's favourite name in the whole world.

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