Sunday, December 05, 2004

Babies will bite anything! Today I was watching a baby in the city. It was leaning over to bite the rail of its stroller with such determination. And it occurred to me how cool it is that babies will bite anything you put in front of them: your finger; a toy; food; non-food objects; railings. How adventurous is that? Just going, "I don't really know what this will taste like or do to my mouth, but damn straight I'm gonna bite it anyway!"

When I said this, Jeremy looked at me as if I were truly insane, even though I regularly say similar things and send him crazy text messages with similar ideas. Damn you Jeremy; why must you cramp my craziness? I like Stuart a lot because he actually appears to appreciate my insanity. It was most gratifying the time Tash said, "I have a confession," and I butted in, "Does your chick on the side have one on the way?" and Stuart laughed really hard. Normally people would just look at me strangely.

Oh, and guess what else happened today? I met Tim Finney! And the funny thing is, I had already met him twice and hadn't even realised it was him! The first time was at Extreme Karaoke, the time I did "Living on a Prayer" and "Jump" by Kris Kross. He and his friend did "Whatta Man" by Salt'n'Pepa, and we spent the rest of the night telling each other how great we were and making cheesy faces to each other on the dance floor. The second time I met him was after the Junior Senior gig. Me and Gemma were walking along Swan St and he came up and said, "Excuse me, did I meet you at Extreme Karaoke?"

Melbourne is such a village. Not only does he know Guy, he also works with Saige. And then today I met him at Roland's Christmas party. But never play that swimming-pool game with him where teams of two compete to knock one person off the other's shoulders, because his hands turn into cruel eye-gouging talons and he gets this terrifying look on his face. Like a baby about to bite something.

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