Tuesday, December 07, 2004

For once I get some good searchterms. Having a blog with the words 'wild' and 'young' in the title is a recipe for paedophile googlers. And writing about fashion and pop music is a recipe for googlers who want to know what Destiny's Child wear in the "Lose My Breath" video, where the Supre outlet is, and the lyrics for "To the Club", etc. I am always slightly disappointed by this, because everyone else who reports on their stats seems to get amusing searches.

Oh, except last week I thought it was hilarious that someone searched for "Usher 'my poo'". Ha! Ha! That makes a really terrible song suddenly really great. But today there were some good ones.

Powerpoint presentation of brazilian waxing (AOL)
tobey maguire cock size (Yahoo)
asahi beer cat (Google)
holeproof computer socks why called (Google)

what shall a glam girl add to their existing wardrobe (Google)

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