Saturday, December 04, 2004

Procrastination is killing me. It was meant to be easy to explain how the standard Hebdigean incorporation narrative applies to bling, and then to critique that. But I've just found it impossible today. First I checked out some blogs. Then I danced around in the living room to Snoop Dogg's "Pass It Pass It". (Annoyingly, it seems I have the DJ Lucy's Brother Remix of Rhythm & Gangsta: The Masterpiece - the tracks are in the wrong order, and two are missing, including the Lil Jon and Trina track that I was really looking forward to.)

Then I thought I'd try and compile the mix CD I've been promising Shane for months. I feel under enormous pressure to surprise him - a difficult task, considering that his musical knowledge is so much better than mine. I was annoyed that a bunch of songs I tried to download wouldn't work, including "Through with Love" by Destiny's Child and the Just Blaze remix of "Ch-Check It Out", and then I was despairing that I couldn't find anything on this computer already that I like.

Intersperse all this frustration with pointless re-readings of all the stuff I wrote yesterday so I can 'get it straight in my head', making endless cups of tea (I'm drinking another one now) and stressing about how little time I have left to write this paper before I leave for Perth on Wednesday and all the other commitments I have to fit in before then.

Then I decided it might be productive to do up my PowerPoint presentation, which basically involved pissing about on the internet looking for pictures of people with fake gold teeth. If I had my wits about me, I'd get a camera and go out to Melbourne's pre-mere bling merchants and take photos. But I don't have my wits - or time.

Gotta go. The pizza is here.


Why don't we have websites like this in Australia? My favourite is the law student with the hideous J.Lo outfit. Here are some of the considered fashion assessments of her outfit:

"gurl hell naw and showin ya thong ain't wussup fa real and y is ya hat all ova ya damn eyes and sh*t??? lawd gurl iono bout dis 1 ... i'm out."


"Yeah you need to tuck that thong in, you a law student you should know that is against the law..."

"plz tell me u sent dis herre before da year 2000! i would have given u a 9 then cuz tha thong all out is trashy now & the style is old"

"whaaa da hell dis aint no desprate hohoho site , u aint wearin kicks (i dnt rate bare feet), yo thong tuck dat in yo trousers we dnt need 2 see it wateva we dnt care if its designer underwear .....we all kno u cover yo face cos u all over poooornagraphy sites with idiotic self....Nuff sed."

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