Friday, December 24, 2004

Thankyou very very very very much. I was intrigued to see if "man-muff" was a common expression, so I did a Google search. One thing I learned was that the word "man-muff" was commonly accompanied by the word "diving". I also found the following 'story': "I'd like you to meet my best friend, Mona," Shari said while nodding towards the masturbating woman not more than three feet away.

What a great opening line! You can read the entire thing here, but I have a certain hunch it is not work-safe.

And where else would a search for man-muff lead but to the Canadian Fur Council's official fashion history page? (Would that be a good band name, Fur Council? Like Style Council? Oh also last night, I came up with a band name, Decoratively Dead, but the trouble is that I can't see any non-goth or non-metal band with a name like that.) This site includes the ludicrous claim that "Fun fur pieces like fur T-shirts, fur vests and fur accessories are the choice of the younger generation." (It was adapted from a 1981 book that presumably pre-dates the backlash against fur fashions...)

Anyway, I discovered, to my double-entendred delight, that "Beaver hats were to reign supreme for centuries. (One reason for its original popularity was the belief that it had curative properties. It was supposed to be a cure for deafness and to stimulate lapses of memory!)" Snicker! That should enter the vernacular too: "I gave him a beaver hat he'll never forget!"

But more relevantly, "The man's muff achieved the rare distinction of becoming a political weapon. For example, muffs of fox were carried ostentatiously by followers of Charles James Fox." Ha! Ha! Muffs of fox! Oh, I think I had better lie down.

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