Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Adopt a baby. As some of you will know, I am a big fan of the bogan baby names in the Herald Sun births column, and I like to sing "Bogan babies, bogan-bogan babies" to the tune of "Allouette". Anyway, the Canberra Times obviously understands me perfectly because last week they released a special calendar-style liftout called Babies of 2004. This was an illustrated, annotated list of ACT babies born in 2004.

When I got into work on Monday, everyone had picked out (or been allocated) a baby mascot.

Sophie B: Emil Pascual Nils Rivera Jonsson.
Sophie V: Nicolas Andres Gonzales.
Jane: Harrison Ray Hadley, wearing a fetching cowboy hat.
Lucy: Isabelle Mary van Wijk, wearing an alarming Little Mermaid-style bikini top. Big cups to fill!

Lucy actually threw Isabelle away because she was so disturbed. But I really like my baby mascot. He makes me smile every time I get into work and see his name, the caption and the picture, in which he has these sticking-out ears and a look that says "I am very confused!"

Anyway, my baby is called Leroy Caruana, nickname: Chumpy Chump Chops. The caption says:

Chumpy chump chops, you rock our world!
Sorry, your mum made me say it Leroy.

Hi'll be glad to know that chummy chump chops is now 9 and as cute as ever. He hates me calling him chumpy chump chops. Classic parental embarrassment technique. I've always thought it was cute that his little photo gave you some amount if joy. I thought it was time to say hi. Cheers Jen - Leroy's mum
Jen, this totally made my day! I can't believe Leroy is nine already!
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