Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Welcome to the jumble! This Sunday, I would like to invite you to one mother of a jumble sale in the trendy back streets of Fitzroy. It is a fundraising event for Is Not Magazine, a new and thoroughly mink-blowing publication that I am co-editing. There will be books, CDs, clothing and bric-a-brac, all carefully selected to appeal to the sophisticated postmodern tastes of inner-city hipsters. And because I know that Savers has totally spoiled you, it will be cheap.

For other entertainment, there will be music, baked goods, a BBQ, and a raffle for a framed McSweeneys dust jacket signed by graphic novelist Chris Ware. There will also be a schedule of rewards if you donate to the magazine. We are still debating the idea of a kissing booth. Jeremy flippantly suggested we should offer a "suck'n'fuck for $50," but I'm certain we could charge a little more than that.

For more details, see the Is Not Magazine website.

Fitzroy will not see anything like it for quite some time.

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