Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Why you should come to Melbourne Grogblogging. The manslave has asked me to blog about this, and I'm doing so purely out of (un)housemately affection. You see, I am somewhat ambivalent about this event, which basically consists of bloggers and blog-readers in Melbourne getting together, drinking alcohol, roaring their blogging roars, gnashing their blogging teeth, rolling their blogging eyes, and showing their blogging claws.

I'm worried that the Melbourne blogosphere can be divided into Celebrities and Nonentities; and IRL (oh, the nerd-words just keep piling up, don't they!), into Hot and Not. There's nothing wrong with the manslave's bid to be the "Darp in the South"; but that's cos he's both well-known and pretty. I am neither. I can't banish the thought that people would only be disappointed to meet me in the flesh.

On New Year's Eve, aka Grogblogging Round 1, several bloggers expressed the same anxieties that their blogs were not well-known enough, or that they were unprepossessing in person. This is bollocks, and is no excuse for not showing up at Grogblogging. We must create a critical mass of non-celebrity bloggers.

So come all ye faithless:

Date: Friday 14 January
Place: Bourgie, 397 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne (near corner Hardware Lane)
Time: from 8:30pm

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