Tuesday, February 15, 2005

As it is now past midnight, I feel able to comment on Corporate Love Day. Of course, this is not the right blog to be posting my desperate thoughts, but I would just like to note how sad and alone I feel right now. Even though Corporate Love Day is a complete crock, the part of me that suspends disbelief and reads horoscopes with blind faith was hoping that something exciting and romantic would occur. But I should have known better. The only time anything exciting happened to me on Corporate Love Day, it was Penny pranking me. (She still won't admit it to this day.)

The manslave came downstairs in a state of semi-nudity and was alternately moping and bragging about his upcoming opportunities for sex. I was too glum to pay him the attention he was craving. Talking seemed completely pointless and I felt that we should both put this nasty day to death by sleeping.

On another note, I have really been trying to master technology in the last couple of weeks, but I am so frustrated because I can't get it to work, and then I have to labour under the image of being a dumb girl who can't do anything herself and needs to ask smart boys for help. I have started another blog covering my overlapping research interests in fashion and music, and I have really been struggling with how to include pictures. I had a mini-breakdown on Saturday afternoon trying to work it out. Then on Sunday afternoon I had another mini-breakdown while trying to operate some DJ emulator software I downloaded, which the manslave informed me was a rubbish idea anyway.

People (mainly Penny) are always saying to me, "Why aren't you a DJ?" Here's why. Because I can't fucking beat-match. Also, I don't pretend to know everything about music - indeed, I know fuck-all. But I feel like a total failure because, as we all know from that Basement Jaxx video which is true and everything, even monkeys can DJ. Oh man, I would love to be able to DJ so much. But I can't.

Anyway, as I advised myself a little earlier, I would now like to put this day to death by going to bed.

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