Saturday, February 05, 2005

Ethics and voyeurism. Today I am supposed to be doing up some moychandise for my show, but I have been procrastinating, and I came across this website. (Courtesy of The Great Shark Hunt.) What a fascinating resource this would be for anyone interested in ethics. Some of the confessions are people really sweating what I would call small stuff, like one girl worrying about liking anal sex or another afraid that her mum will find her vibrator, or a Mormon confessing to "I stroke my penis every night". Others narrate crimes, usually shoplifting, or socially taboo behaviour that would be difficult to admit to, like cheating or lying. But others really challenge my own (relatively loose) moral code:

i kinda seduced my stepdad. well, i definitely seduced my stepdad. he's pretty much been the only father i've ever known since my mom married him when i was just a baby. he had a car accident about two years ago and his short term memory is gone. so one night when my mom was working and he was sitting in his chair watching tv i went up to him and starting giving him a lap dance. i also kissed him and rubbed his crotch with my hand. from the look on his face and the hard on his pants, i know he liked it. the funny thing is, by the end of the night he didn't even remember it happened. it's so bad but i think i will do it again and maybe even take it further...

Others are interesting because they admit to the kind of deep-seated irrational hatred that our society really isn't equipped to counteract or dilute. Some of the writers are worried about their hatred being wrong; but others feel quite justified. I am no philosopher but I think we can't afford to limit our anti-racism efforts to mockery or platitudes like "racism stems from ignorance or stupidity". Instead maybe one way to examine it would be to think about certain thoughts that we might call 'sub-ethical', in that they exist almost independently of socially inculcated ethics. Here are two examples:
My confession is that I find it unbeleivably irritating when ASIANS chew GUM! They always have to sit at the back or in the corner of the train/tram/bus and CHEW away! WITH THEIR MOUTH OPEN! Lips smacking, chatting to friends, or on their fancy phones. If you are you realise how rude and obnoxious it is to chew gum with your mouth open? If you move to a Western country, please, conform to Western manners like, NOT EATING GUM WITH YOUR MOUTH OPEN! I really dont want to hear the sound of your saliva moving around your mouth. What's worse is when they're in a GROUP and they are ALL chewing gum, yes, with their mouth open. Its like a "saliva-noise-fest"

Though I know it is wrong and all, I can be a very racist person. "Certain races" really annoy me and I just get enraged looking at them and I hate the way they say "axed" instead of asked. I really don't like that I feel this way and would never admit it publically, but it's something I can't help. And no, I'm not ignorant as many would be quick to say. Since this is far from politically correct, I don't expect it to be posted.
But this is my favourite confession so far. I wonder if s/he works in reality TV now.
When I was in high school I used to have an elaborate fantasy in which I would kidnap fat people off the street and take them to a secret rural campground where they would be forced to exercise and eat well and maybe get plastic surgery to take care of any extra flesh. They would abhor the process but end up loving themselves and me at the end of it. In another fantasy I kidnapped and drugged men with ponytails and gave them short stylish cuts.

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