Friday, March 18, 2005

Do you need our stinking badges? Sir yes sir! Atten-shun! Those highly disciplined troops from Is Not Magazine are proud to present the Cake Stall Corps, a market stall taskforce. Choose from a huge range of unique designs from Badge Division. At only $2, they've already been selling hard and fast. Ever envied those cool trendy types with beautiful and obscure designs on their lapels? Now you can be one too!

Meanwhile, our Baked Goods Regiment has been instructed to get down and give us twenty - batches of Commando Cupcakes, that is. For just $3, you get a camouflage-iced cupcake with a free action figure. Collect the whole set.

And our T-shirt Detachment has been busily snipping and silkscreening to bring you Is Not Standard Issue t-shirts. We have a range of designs and styles for only $15. They'll attract the kind of attention that can bring about a dishonourable discharge!

We're having two tours of duty:

Kent St Cafe
201 Smith Street, Fitzroy
1500 hours (3pm)

Union Building
University of Melbourne
0900 hours (9am)

We trust your service will be honourable, and you will leave our stalls highly decorated. Diiiiiiiiis-missed!

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