Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Love Grenade - an explosion of good feeling! This Saturday, the Is Not Magazine crew is organising a warehouse party entitled The Love Grenade. The theme is love and we want to share it, Ms Fits-style. Well, perhaps not. I did, however, suggest the creation of a room with a lava lamp and a disco ball called the Action Station. And the idea of the kissing booth came up again - Penny was totally up for it, but the ever-cynical Jeremy said, "Why don't we just have a glory hole?" Americans. Can't please 'em - can't withdraw from Iraq.

We have a pleasing lineup of entertainment. Local band Because of Ghosts, fresh from their tour of Japan, will kick off proceedings. First DJ off the rank is Miss Claire (Corner Hotel) spinning her party mix of rock, soul and hip hop. Manchild and Mu-gen (Hootchie Kootchie @ Alia) and Deltoid (Ghetto Fabulous) will then whip you into a frenzy of hip hop, funk and R&B, along with surprise guest MCs.

Go to the Is Not Magazine website for more info on where and when.

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