Thursday, April 07, 2005

Amazing! Astounding! I was just sitting at my computer before, wondering where my mug had got to because I wouldn't mind a cup of the Good Earl, when a mouse came scurrying out from under the desk. It paused for a second or two, long enough for me to register its unmistakable presence and think, "Fuck, what has my life come to when my house is so filthy there are mice literally underfoot!"

But before I could flesh out this idea, the mouse actually leaped into the air! I think it was trying to leap over my foot. Now I think about it, I like a mouse that can't be fucked scurrying around someone and decides, "Fuck it, I'm gonna go the high jump!" But I was convinced it was going to leap onto my foot and attack me. In the end, I jerked my foot upwards and the mouse kind of ricocheted off the edge of my thong. And as I reeled around in my swivel chair, the mouse scurried away. Dammit - I can't work out where it can have gone.

Mouse incidents are actually more widespread than my shame at my domestic filth will allow. The other day, Dan was saying that he noticed a mouse in his house. Then Bo called him saying, "Just watch out when you open the cupboard doors, because I've set some mousetraps."
Dan said, "Oh, so you've seen the mouse."
"Mouse?" replied Bo - "Try four mice!"

At least I have only seen one mouse.

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